Empower Your Relationship With Intimacy

Rekindle the Passion that makes you excited to see each other

Become Best Friends & Ultimate Lovers

Hi Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Are you ready to move your marriage from ho-hum too WOW! Do everyday life events keep you from having the amazing relationship you want, desire and deserve? Creating and sustaining that ultimate marriage bond takes commitment and work. I have been there… so busy with all good things- family, business/work, friends, and life – keep you from fully enjoying and realizing the fulfilling relationship we deserve.

The Girlfriend Effect was written just for you with a sassy style and a touch of class, and even more sexiness to inspire women everywhere to become a Girlfriend to their husbands so they won’t go out and get one.

Turning up heat for intimacy and romance in the bedroom changes the way the world views being a wife and lover. This book brings ideas to life with simple techniques that are sure to please every husband, as a wife gives her husband the ultimate girlfriend experience.

This is a must read for every woman, whether you are newlyweds to empty nesters. If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship this book will give you the secrets to what every man desires but doesn’t dare to ask for.

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Jodi Harman

  • Coaching with Jodi Harman has made such a huge impact in my personal life and business. Her knowledge and insights helped guide me through growth in my business and enhanced my family relationships. Jodi was able to guide me through the emotion and plow into the real issues not only in business but life in general. With Jodi's help I was able to brand myself the real estate world to follow my passion of helping others. I have upgraded everything in my life from business to family relationships.

    Ashley Peterson
    Ashley Peterson Realtor
  • Working with Jodi has made all the difference for me and I am now creating the career and life that I want. With my job I feel I cannot uncover my struggles toward my personal goals and my insecurities and questioning of who I think I should be or what I should be accomplishing.  I can really be myself with Jodi and she has a great blend of encouragement, strategic vision and compassion, all while giving you a push to meet your potential. She definitely will drive you out of your comfort zone, but that’s what we all need sometimes. Jodi has helped me take action in my life and action is the only way things change and become better.  Jodi’s coaching will build the momentum you need to reach your goals. Thank you Jodi!

    Lisa Short
    Lisa Short Body Potential Fitness
  • Jodi Harman has helped me so much in our short time of working together, both in my personal life and business. It has been amazing to learn how to have control over my emotions, thoughts, and actions so I can create the life I want versus life taking me for a ride. Jodi has helped me to recognize what me strengths are and to implement changes to balance life. Since Coaching with Jodi I have expanded my business and rebranded myself to capture how I help others feel when they have a session with me. Jodi also facilitated a fun family activity together with my husband and children to help us harmonize our home and work on goals together.  I cannot wait to advance further both in balancing life and business.

    Gina Marie Nixon
    Gina Marie Nixon
  •   I am rating Jodi 5 stars because she has truly given me clarity and helped me connect the dots in my career. Jodi helped me build my business and brand infrastructure. Her step by step method keeps things simple and goals achievable. Jodi's understanding and penchant for people as well as her mastery of business makes her a qualified candidate to help anyone. Regardless if you are just starting out, or if your business has been around for years and needs a face lift, you can count on Jodi to get you to your goals! I highly recommend her services. -Lorena Stewart  

    Lorena Stewart Lorena Joy Stewart - TV Host
  • Mark & Jodi are truly the best example for a loving relationship. It is obvious they put each other and their relationship first. The simple tools we learned to be able to communicate with each other has made a huge difference in our lives.

    Tim & Anna
  • Jodi & Mark really have a way of helping us to look at life with each other as couple the most important aspect of everything. Just spending the day with them has changed the way we feel about each other as spouses and friends, thank you.

    Ashley & Darren
  • Bringing the love back to life in our relationship has been a growing and adventurous road. We are so glad to have Mark & Jodi as our guides to deepening our marriage relationship.

    Kim &  John
    Kim & John Entrepreneurs