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Jodi Harman is the co-creator of the education company Marriage Makeover. Helping families live their best lives. Marriage Makeover- The Harmony Method works when the normal traditional methods or therapy were unable to solve or embrace relationship problems. She has also authored the book – “Girlfriend Effect” A guide for women to deepen their relationships.

Jodi has worked with certified to train & teach the content for:

Jack Canfield- The Success Principles- Certified Trainer

Ann Webb – Ideal Life Vision- Certified Coach

Adryenn Ashley – CrowdedTV and FBPro Series

The opportunity to be mentored and trained by some of the world’s best authors, teachers, and their content has significantly influenced her own successful results and the results she helps others to achieve today.

Jodi’s been seen by over 150 million people and featured in Huffington Post, as well as appearing on TV shows for ABC, ABC, MNN, Gloss, Amazon Fire, Unreel, Roku, TCL, Apple TV, and so many more.

Jodi is a life coach, mentor, author, business consultant, and college professor. She has a degree in psychology, and is certified in several personal and professional coaching methods. Jodi’s passion lies in showing people that they truly can achieve what they want in life.

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