Boundaries With Respect

When we first start practicing setting boundaries, it can feel challenging. We might feel guilty, afraid, or self-conscious – but it’s important to remember that setting limits will help make relationships healthier in the long-run.

While it might feel awkward to say ‘no’ to a family member or speak your truth about a situation, it’s essential to do so. You deserve to have boundaries, and others deserve to know what those boundaries are so that they don’t mistakenly overstep them!

Think of a time that you felt cornered, stressed, or taken advantage of. Did you speak up? If not, what stopped you? If you did, did you first hesitate?

In all, your takeaway should be this: You deserve to be comfortable in everyday situations as often as possible. If you have the opportunity to make your day easier or less stressful, why not do it?

Jodi Harman

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