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We are a specialized and multitalented company of course creation experts. We have created complete online courses in all niches with masterful experience.

We work alongside coaches, mentors, thought leader, expert entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their expertise and increase their business with online courses.

If you are like most experts…

You know what your specialty is. You are ready to teach and mentor others. Its easy for you to talk and coach people. You have hours of content created on video or audio but you lack the time, creativity or expertise to create the tools, structure, handouts, workbooks, and guides that you need to give your course the polished, completed look it needs to get top dollar when selling and positioning it.

Jodi and her team have experience in curriculum development that engages your audience/ students, copywriters, designers and expert strategists that can bring your life’s work to fruition and finally complete it to present to the world.

We create engaging activities, handouts, guides, workbooks, social media posts, customized to your course content. Keeping your students engaged and completing the course is our specialty.


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Meet Jodi Harman

Jodi Harman, known as the Master of Course Creation and creating engaging lessons that captivate and entertain the audience. Jodi’s background as a college professor and course creator makes her the perfect person to work alongside coaches, mentors, thought leader, expert entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their expertise and increase their business with  creating both written and online courses.

Jodi has created courses both online and offline for the following companies:

David Fagan, Icon Builder Media & Zero To Hero

Adryenne Ashley, Social Influencers

Marriage Makeover (TM), Jodi Harman & Mark Harman

The Inspector, Mark Harman

Several Career Colleges

Jodi has worked with and certified to train with authors and groups, both selling and teaching the content for:

Jack Canfield- The Success Principles- Certified Trainer
Ann Webb – Ideal Life Vision- Certified Coach
Adryenn Ashley – CrowdedTV and FBPro Series

The opportunity to be mentored and trained by some of the world’s best authors, teachers, and their content has significantly influenced her own successful results and the results she helps others to achieve today.

Jodi’s been seen by over 150 million people and featured in Huffington Post, as well as appearing on TV shows for ABC, ABC, MNN, Gloss, Amazon Fire, Unreel, Roku, TCL, Apple TV, and so many more.

Jodi is a life coach, mentor, author, business consultant, and college professor. She has a degree in psychology, and is certified in several personal and professional coaching methods. Jodi’s passion lies in showing people that they truly can achieve what they want in life, including the friendship & passion.