Empower Your Relationship With Intimacy

Rekindle the Passion that makes you excited to see each other

Become Best Friends & Ultimate Lovers

It’s time to bring those feelings back… Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Are you ready to move your marriage from ho-hum too WOW! Do everyday life events keep you from having the amazing relationship you want, desire and deserve? Creating and sustaining that ultimate marriage bond takes commitment and work. I have been there… so busy with all good things- family, business/work, friends, and life – keep you from fully enjoying and realizing the fulfilling relationship we deserve.

The Girlfriend Effect was written just for you with a sassy style and a touch of class, and even more sexiness to inspire women everywhere to become a Girlfriend to their husbands so they won’t go out and get one.

Turning up heat for intimacy and romance in the bedroom changes the way the world views being a wife and lover. This book brings ideas to life with simple techniques that are sure to please every husband, as a wife gives her husband the ultimate girlfriend experience.

This is a must read for every woman, whether you are newlyweds to empty nesters. If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship this book will give you the secrets to what every man desires but doesn’t dare to ask for.

Reserve your copy now.

Jodi Harman