How To Stay Positive In Negative World

How to stay positive in a negative world.

Sometimes I just want to scream with frustration!  It is so hard to be happy and always cheering other people up!!!

I find myself soaking up the negative energy of those around me all day. It seems to bring my back down to their level even if I am a happy go lucky person and I really do not have that many problems and worries.

Or maybe you are the type of person that is usually sullen and just ho-hum about things in life maybe even a little depressed.

Normally I will go for a walk or meditate to snap out of it. But when the negative is coming from the people in your own home, especially your spouse then what?

I am addicted to personal development and read a ton of books about being happy and setting goals and having success – I am even quite successful. I know I can do anything I set my mind too. And if that is the case then why do I let other people pull me down into negativity thinking and feel unhappy and depressed. Why do I let this happen?

I certainly do not like this feeling and wish it to go away as soon as it comes. I thought if I have this problem others may be struggling with it too.

These are a few things that I have found that help me get out of a bad mood and move back into light and happiness.

  1. Go for a walk or have alone time: My favorite is going for a walk so I can connect with nature, breathe fresh air, ponder about what is REALLY going on. I put myself in a “Time Out”. This moves into a meditation and I just get really centered and listen to my heart.
  2. Meditate/ Pray- my best meditations happen out in nature and while I am just focusing on my heart. I actually use a manifestation (MAP Program*) to help me figure out what I want to have happen at that moment in time and how I should move forward. Along with praying for guidance and peace.
  3. Listen to good uplifting, calming music from my phone, car, home. If I really need to focus on myself I will turn off all notifications on my phone first so I do not get interruptions. My favorite is just soft classical or jazz music. – choose what feels best for you and go with that.
  4. Read or listen to a good book – some of my favorites I have on my phone and can listen to at any time. Sometimes just 5-10 minutes get me inspired to try again.

Books for go to inspiration: Big Leap (Gay Hendricks) Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Essentialism (Greg McKeon),  Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) The 5th Agreement (Don Miguel Ruiz)

  1. Limit time with Negative people- This may not always be possible especially in a workplace setting or in a family situation. In which case I try to make sure I am really taking care of myself (self care) to make sure I am not effected as much. If it a work place perhaps see if you can transfer, get another desk, something to make it more pleasant. If at home, try to bring up happy memories and focus on the good things.
  2. Exercise – EVERY day. Exercise lifts your mood by changing chemicals and hormones in your body. It just works even if it is for a quick walk or stretching. Do whatever exercise makes you feel good.
  3. Practice Gratitude- I know when I am grateful for what I have and the people in my life it helps me love them more. If you love them you can serve them more – which means you can help them get out of their recurrent bad mood. I find that I am a cheer leader for many people. When I am grateful and thankful for everything it wears off a little and affects others. Just start looking at everything around you and say thank you out loud or in your head. I also make sure to tell people around me thank you for everything they do. (even if you have to look hard, find something)
  4. Just Smile- Many studies have proven if you smile for 2 minutes it improves your mood by changing the chemicals in your body. If you do not feel like smiling- do it anyway. Faking a smile has the same effect. This is a good video I found that helps explain it.
  5. Laugh- remember a time that was funny. Watch a funny movie or youtube video. Most of have technology at out finger tips. Use it to find funny videos that you can look at when the need arises. For that matte get some funny videos of your family and when you need them let everyone watch it with you. Even a fake laugh can help. Be silly, have fun and “fake it till you make it” to a good mood.
  6. Get a friend on your side. Have someone you can call or reach out to in time of need that can offer a hug, a cheerful smile. Do not use this time for a complaint session, rather make this your partner to help cheer your mood and you do the same in return. If this person is called upon it is their sole duty to make you happy so choose wisely as you will do the same for them.


Comment or reach out and share your “go- to” rituals for staying positive in a negative world.

Here’s to a happier life,


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