Less Stress For Holiday Success

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The secret to lasting love and friendship in marriage and family is learning and creating the relationship skills to really enjoy each other, live without drama and to love life together. Even if your relationships are strong and going smoothly, there may still be room for growth. The “Nourish Your Relationships” Series allows couples and families to reconnect and allows for love and friendship to blossom.

For families to not just survive in their relationship and run on autopilot relationships must be nurtured and nourished. All too often life gets too busy with work and family and the holidays most people forget to work on the most important relationships.

For some this time of year may be a bit hard especially if you struggle with difficult relationships and getting along with everyone. Let’s make this the year the year there is more togetherness, less fighting, and more harmony within the home.

Once a year I host a powerful and inspiring FREE month long coaching course called the “Nourish Your Relationships”

With a special focus on each of these relationships: Marriage, kids, aging parents, friends and extended family!

I am bringing you 12 Experts from all over the world to cover the following topics:

  • How to Start and Have Difficult Conversations
  • Access a Sense of Balance with Self and Others
  • Reverse Negative Self Imposed Beliefs
  • Avoid the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain
  • Create Healthy and Yummy Healthy Dinners
  • Prevent Holiday Family Drama
  • Escape Drudgery of Holiday Overspending
  • Win The Affections of Others


It’s packed full of inspiration, value and simple communication tools to help you and your family create and connect deeper than ever before.

It’s not a sales pitch, nothing to buy!

It’s a legit, content rich course. It’s my way of paying it forward to each you and your family and friends.

It will lift your spirits and create harmony in every home.

It will be recorded so register to get the recording if you can’t attend live.

Cheering you on to Fall Move in LOVE more this November and forever!

With Love,



You can join LIVE or LISTEN to the recordings.

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