No Communication Your Relationship


What happens when there is miscommunication in your relationship? 

All too often people blame a miscommunication in a relationship on the fact that men and women do not understand each other. Yes, this may be true to a certain point but more times than not the miscommunication happens because feelings are not shared with each other.

Part of this problem started when we were young and how we were allowed to share how we were feeling and what others around of thought of us or treated us. There is absolutely nothing you can do change or erase the past so we are not going to dwell on that.

When 2 people enter a relationship they both bring with them different ways to communicate and sharing feelings. His can be a good and bad problem. Many times others may know a solution to a problem because of similar experiences or learning. The problem happens emotions are shut down and not shared with your partner. Too many times people are afraid of what their spouse may think of them if they do share their feelings.

Feeling safe and loved in the relationship is the key to being able to open up and be completely transparent with your emotions. This may be hard at first but once you both start sharing it will become easier. IF you have not been doing this in your marriage I challenge you to start now with being willing to share how your day went and how you feel about different things that have happened recently.

Women may find this talking thing a little easier than men. But men you need to be open to possibilities of deepening your relationship. When both of you feel heard, understood and validated the trusted and love will begin to grow and you will look forward to spending time together.

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