I have a confession.  It’s always a huge challenge to get everything DONE sometimes, especially before a big event or deadline.

No matter how well schedules are set, there’s always a feeling of not having enough time, which CAN lead to a sense of overwhelm and anxiety.

I don’t know what overwhelm looks like for you, but this ALWAYS comes up for me….

“How can I manage everything myself when there is no-one else who can do it”.

Many years ago I decided having an attitude that no longer permits overwhelm is one of the best characteristics I’ve trained in myself over the years that has changed how I live, treat my family, and how I do business.  I am not perfect and still fall into overwhelm but It happens less often and I can quickly pull myself out of it very fast.

When your mind is set up for personal mastery in this way, you won’t allow yourself to go into the chaos that comes when you’re faced with “too much to do”.  Problem-solving becomes the default position, and an attitude of extreme self-love and self-care takes over – so YOU don’t fall into of the mindset that will send you spinning into panic mode.

The answer is always to make a firm commitment to yourself, set up a timeframe or boundary and keep it.   Prioritizing, delegating what you can and getting accountability on deadlines and completion is far and away one of the most powerful ways to get things done. The result is always a sense of spaciousness, organization and being on top of your game. THAT’s what I want for you.

Mastering your mindset around this will allow you to keep cool under pressure so that you do not start taking things out of you kids or spouse. Once you get into a panic and the overwhelm sets it can turn your family upside down.

Do you have a healthy sense of urgency around the important things that really matter to you, or are you waiting for something to change?

Having been prone to overwhelm in the past, I know that to end it, YOU have to take charge of your life and maintain a different level of determination so you CREATE your life, rather than let it plod along and happen to you. And that doesn’t mean WORKING MORE, it means WORKING SMARTER so you focus on the right things that create the results you want with work, goals, and family relationships. Once you set your priorities other things will fall into place.

With much love,


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