How do you SHOW Love?

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some thoughts from the recent challnge I had with a small group of couples. ..

When we talked about difficult relationships, we all deal with difficult situations at some level. Sometimes it’s losing someone we love, sometimes its our children choosing a different path than the one we wanted for them, sometimes it’s being laid off from a job because the company is going under.

Whatever the case may be, our response is truly the only thing within our control during these times. How we respond to crisis can truly be a “make or break” moment!

Have you ever known someone who went through an unimaginable situation, but responded so gracefully that you were blown away? Chances are they were practicing the E+R=O equation without even knowing it. Even though they were faced with a terrible EVENT, they knew what they wanted their OUTCOME to be, so they RESPONDED in a way that supported the O they desired.

What difficult situations have you responded to in a way that didn’t serve you? If you could go back would you do anything different to create a more desirable outcome?

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