Three Things Your Husband Needs to Hear

Communication between the sexes is an interesting thing. Anyone who has spent any time at all in a marriage can tell you that communication is a vital to keeping the spark alive.

It can be tricky.

With all the hustle-and-bustle of our day-to-day lives– work, the kids, the dry cleaning– it can be so tough to take the time to connect with our spouse on a deep level.

The result? We stop communicating with care, and while we may think our husband knows he’s loved, he may really end up just feeling like the butler.

Men need to hear that they’re special every bit as much as women do– they need to hear that they’re our lifeblood, our rock– that we couldn’t live without them.

We’ve compiled a list of the three most important things your man needs to hear, often:

“You’ve got this!”

 Whether he’s setting out to change a tire, pick up the groceries or deal with a family crisis, your man wants to know that he’s your hero, that you believe in him to care for you.

Often we get so caught up in the day-to-day rush of work, errands, chores and family that we fall into a pattern of taking our partner’s contributions for granted.  Don’t.

Whether your man is out saving the world or just doing a few dishes so you can put your feet up, he needs to hear that you’re mad with admiration.

“I’m so Happy to Have You.”

 Expressing your love and trust is a great way to tell your man he means the world to you– reminding him of how safe you feel being with him, how well he provides for your family, is so important to his self-esteem.

Marriage is a commitment to nurturing a sacred bond, and making sure your man understands how much he contributes to your life will ensure he’s never in doubt as far as your love.

 “You’re so sexy.”

 There’s a sort of myth in society that men don’t care about how they look as much as women do, that they don’t need the same validation on their appearance. Don’t buy it.

A man needs to feel as though he’s desirable, hot– and most of all he needs to hear that you want him.  By nature, men are very sexual creatures, and showing him how much you love his appearance by snuggling up and telling him why he’s gorgeous will go a long way toward keeping your bond tight.

And don’t forget to back it up with your actions– just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can fall into a rut.  Flirt, look good for him, and make time for great sex.

Your man needs to hear why he’s wonderful, so be sure to communicate this often.  But remember, it’s not just what you communicate, it’s how you communicate.

The differences in the male and female brains are a hot topic– the brain structures of both genders are very distinct, each supporting a different type of communication. Men tend to be less verbose than women, more solutions-oriented in their communication.

Women’s brains tend support more verbalization. Women also tend toward more sensory and emotional processing. The bottom line? Men and women just don’t communicate the same way.

Often women talk of dropping hints for their man and he just doesn’t get it– this is valid, with most men, hints don’t process. So don’t beat around the bush– tell him every day, outright, why he’s your hero, and be direct about it.

Your man will love you all the more for it.

You Deserve a Relationship full of Love and Passion,


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  • Vladimir

    Excellent Jodi. Women and Men are different Planets.

    • Jodi Harman

      Yes they are Valdimir. It helps to understand what the other needs, wants, and loves…