When a Store Bought Gift Won’t Do – Valentine’s Day

Well, Valentines Day is upon us again and I am sure you’ve been trying to figure out the best gift to get your partner… and if you are like most busy spouses it’s the day before and you are still coming up blank. But if you put a little love into action you may be able to make it memorable and recharge your relationship.

Ladies, this is for you when a new tie will not do!

For most men you can usually resort to his favorite… sex. You really want to make it special this time as life has been very busy for both of you. So here are a few ideas:

  1. Unwrapping a gift is always exciting and even more so when that gift is YOU! Put a little extra work into preparing for this evening. Put on some lingerie, smell good, light some candles, maybe even a massage. Make this night all about him. If you are having a hard time getting in the mood. If you need help with more fun bedroom ideas … Your man will definitely like the last 3 chapters in my book “The Girlfriend Effect”. If you need a copy just reply to this email and I will send you FREE until February 17,2018. (USA Only, PDF available if outside of the USA)
  2. Give the gift of time: Do something that he really wants to do: sports, hike, hobby. Spend time doing it WITH HIM and it will make you both happy.
  3. SEX… yes it’s here twice because that is usually what they want most. Lol

For the Guys:

1 & 2. Most women want TIME and Connection. Giving the gift of time will mean the world to here. Get a sitter, go out to eat or get take out on way home… just listen and talk to her. Pay attention to her dreams and desires. Ask how YOU can support her. PS- Don’t be surprised if this turns into SEX!

3. Give a gift of time off/ relaxation: Day at the spa or even better YOU give her a massage. Candles, soft music and a little oil and you are good.

Some essential oils to help (Doterra is what I like) : Jasmine, lavender, Serenity, Balance.

Notice the theme of TIME and CONNECTION. Putting your relationship first and creating memories are more important than gifts.

1.Take time together can do a project on the “Honey-Do List”.

2.Make time to review goals and dreams.

3.Use the assessment below to talk about your relationship. The goal is to stay connected, that will mean more than a store bought gift.

Love more,

Jodi & Mark Harman

PS- Want to see how your Relationship is doing? Take this Relationship Assessment: text LOVE to 310-996-8913

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