What Your Woman Needs To Hear From You

Men: What Your Woman Needs to Feel Loved

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that men and women just don’t communicate the same way. Perhaps Rex Harrison said it the most directly in the 1964 classic, My Fair Lady, when he sang the famous line, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”

While his lamentations about women being irrational and exasperating just wouldn’t fly these days, they did speak to age-old frustrations about communication between the sexes. And while Professor Higgins may have gone just a bit overboard, his frustrations over communication in relationships are familiar to many men.

Yet we women are such captivating creatures, just so darned intriguing– we’re loving, competent and just generally amazing. And for many men, life without their woman would be nothing short of pale and dreary.

So how can you push past the communication barrier to make your woman feel truly loved?

We’ve put together a list of four things you need to be doing on a regular basis to make sure your woman understands just what she means to you:

Help Out Around the House

There’s nothing more infuriating or degrading than a guy who sits on the sofa working or playing video games while you’re cleaning the house around them. Don’t be that guy. Ever.

Nothing communicates disrespect like the assumption that the menial tasks should fall to one person.

Your woman needs to know you value her time as much as you do– making it seem like it’s a given that she should spend her precious life moments cleaning up after you while you relax is not the way to convey genuine caring.

So get up and pitch in– lighten the load and show her that you respect her time.

Take Pride in Her Accomplishments

Tell that beautiful woman of yours every day how proud you are of her, how grateful you are for her nurturing and the way she lends a soft touch to an otherwise hard world.

Let her know how much she impresses you– with her work, with how much she loves and supports your family, and with her interests and hobbies. Communicating how much you admire and respect your woman will help keep her feeling fulfilled, and that’s so vital to a healthy bond.

Talk to Her

Women are more verbal than men– it’s just how are brains are built, so we don’t always understand when we haven’t spent time in intimate conversation for a while. By intimate, I don’t necessarily mean sexual, but that’s definitely part of the equation.

Take time to talk to your lady– set aside time by booking a date night once a week, or even just by sharing a daily coffee date. Talking to her, letting her talk, is a surefire to make your woman feel heard and understood, which translates to a much stronger bond.

Show Her You Want Her

Touch her, compliment her, take time to tend to her physical needs. In our busy lives and marriages, lovemaking can sometimes fall by the wayside, with the result that neither partner feels sexy or desired.

Be sure to show your woman how much you desire her– go out of your way to tell her what you love about her, how irresistible you find her eyes, her lips, her skin.  Tell her all the reasons she’s beautiful.

By making her feel sexy, and taking care of her physical needs, you’ll do so much for your woman’s self-esteem and for the bond you share.

So remember to communicate to your woman just how much she means to you, what a vital role she plays in your life. Be mindful of the differences in communication– sometimes the barrier may seem high, but don’t give up!

By taking the time to communicate your love in ways that make your woman feel at her best, you’ll have a healthy marriage for years to come.

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